Subtropical and ornamental horticulture
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Dear colleagues, authors and readers!

In 2020, the journal “Subtropical and ornamental horticulture” was included to the List of leading peer-reviewed scientific journals and publications, in which the main scientific results of doctoral and candidate thesis should be published.

Currently, the collected papers include original results of investigations, theoretical reviews, applied works on topical issues of crop production, as well as problems of scientific support and training. The authors of the papers are famous scientists - academicians, doctors and candidates of science, professors and associate professors, as well as graduate students, applicants and students (masters, bachelors), who take the first steps in science.

Our journal is democratic, open to all authors, but at the same time it places high demands to the quality of the published material, including formatting.

We will be pleased to work closely with all those who care about the issues of subtropical and ornamental horticulture, as well as agriculture economy. On behalf of the editorial team, I thank all of you - our authors and readers, partners and friends for being interested in the edition, as well as for your support, participation and cooperation. I kindly invite new authors and advertisers to participate in the journal.


Yours sincerely, Chief Editor
Academician of RAS,
Dr. Agr. Sci., Ryndin A.V.