Subtropical and ornamental horticulture
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Reviewing papers

  1. All scientific papers submitted to the Editorial office of the journal “Subtropical and ornamental horticulture” are subject to mandatory review. The review is independent double blind.
  2. The Editorial team determines the compliance of the paper with the profile of the journal and the requirements for registration.
  3. The Editorial team sends the paper for review to a specialist who has scientific papers on the submitted scientific specialization that are close to the topic.
  4. The Editorial team sends a decision on whether to be printed or a motivated refusal to the authors of the submitted materials.
  5. Reviews are kept in the Editorial office for 5 years.
  6. The review covers the following issues:

    a) whether the title of the paper corresponds to its content,
    b) contains new information or new ideas,
    c) the quality of references in the bibliography,
    d) accessibility to readers in terms of language, style, location of the material, visibility of tables, diagrams, figures and formulas,
    e) the expediency of publication, taking into consideration the previously released publications,
    f) what exactly the positive aspects are, as well as shortcomings of the paper, what corrections and additions should be made by the author.

  7. The reviewer recommends the paper, taking into account the correction of the noted deficiencies or does not recommend the paper for publication in a journal.
  8. Peer review is confidential. The author of the reviewed paper is given the opportunity to read the text of the review. Violation of confidentiality is possible only in case the reviewer states about the unreliability or falsification of the materials set forth in the paper.
  9. If the review contains recommendations for correcting and finalizing the paper, the Editorial team sends the author the text of the review with a proposal to take them into account while preparing a new version of the paper or reasonably (partially or completely) to refute them. The paper, revised (modified) by the author, is resubmitted for review.
  10. A paper not recommended by the reviewer for publication is not accepted for reconsideration. The text of the negative review is sent to the author by e-mail.
  11. The term of reviewing is no longer than two weeks from the moment the work is received by the reviewer.
  12. The editorial team of the journal may send a copy of the review to the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation if the corresponding request is received by the editorial team.
  13. After the editorial team makes a decision on admission of a paper to publication, the editorial team informs the author about this during a week and specifies the publication terms. There is no publication fee.