Subtropical and ornamental horticulture
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Instructions to Authors

Requirements to the manuscripts submitted for publication


Materials are to be submitted in electronic form, with expansion .doc or .docx. The fount size is 12pt for the typeface Times New Roman, no hyphenation, single line spacing, the text is aligned to the width. Page margins: left – 3 cm, others – 2 cm Volume of the paper is 4-8 pages.

The editorial Board accepts the papers corresponding to thematic areas of the journal, not previously published, containing new theoretical and practical scientific data for at least 2-3 years, or review and analytical papers.

The structure of paper:

  • Universal Decimal Classification Index (UDC).
  • Title of a paper (in Russian and English).
  • Surname (s) and initials of the author (s) (in Russian and English).
  • The author’s (s’) place of work (in Russian and English) indicating the city and country.
  • E-mail address.
  • Abstract of 200–500 words (in Russian and English). The abstract should be consistent with the structure and content of the paper, highlighting the results and their interpretation.
  • Key words: not less than 5 (in Russian and English).
  • Main text (including figures and tables).
  • References.


When writing papers, we recommend the author (s) to present the current state of an issue, substantiate the conduct of this research, show relevance and novelty, as well as describe the purpose and methods of this research, discussing the results obtained. The title of paper should fully reflect its content; the main text of experimental papers is structured (introduction, objects and methods, results and discussion, conclusion).

Figures and graphics should be clear. Photos and graphics are to be of high quality, presented as separate files in .jpg or .pdf format; the decision to publish color photographs will be made by the editors. Figures are located in the text after the link to them, the presence of a signature is obligatory.

Tables are placed after reference to them in the text. Each table should have a sequence number and a title reflecting the contents of the table.

When mentioning species of plants, animals, fungi and microorganisms, it is necessary to give their Latin names (in italics) indicating the authors, according to the modern nomenclature

(see http://www.theplantlist.orghttps://fauna-eu.org

Experimental data in papers should be long-term (at least 2 years when obtaining full-fledged experimental data) and mathematically processed using accepted criteria for the reliability of the results obtained.

Text references should be indicated by Arabic numerals in square brackets. References are listed in alphabetical order after the text of the paper. Paragraphs are numbered. References are given in the original language. First - sources in Cyrillic (Russian, Serbian, Ukrainian, etc.), then - in Latin (English, French. etc). The rules of description are the same for all sources, domestic and foreign. Draw up the list in accordance with GOST 7.1 - 2003 “Bibliographic Record”; ISBN, ISSN or doi (if available) should be indicated for all sources published after 2000.


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A method of diagnosing plants needs in micronutrient nutrition: Pat. 2225691 of the Russian Federation: IPC A 01 G 7/00 / Budagovsky A.V., Budagovskaya O.N., Pritula Z.V., Belous O.G., Abilfazova Yu.S.; patentee: Russian Research Institute of Floriculture and Subtropical Crops. – № 2002108804; decl. 05.04.2002; pub. 20.03.2004. – Bull. № 8. – 1 p.

Information about the authors is submitted at the end of the paper:

  • Last name First name Patronymic (full);
  • position, academic degree;
  • place of work;
  • phone (preferably mobile, for quick connection with the author);
  • e-mail address.

The editorial Board reserves the right to edit the texts, as well as reject papers that do not correspond to the subject of the journal or the rules of registration.

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