Subtropical and ornamental horticulture
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Payment for publication

  1. There is no fee for publication in the journal "Subtropical and ornamental horticulture". In this case, the cost of the collection and shipping are charged separately.
  2. The electronic version of the paper includes: graphic images (photographs, figures, graphics, etc.) which are sent to the Editorial team by separate .jpg or .pdf files (example of the file name: Last name-fig.1.jpg, Last name-fig.2.jpg, etc.).
  3. Sending the paper, an author (s) agree(s) with the author's agreement (public offer) about the conditions for publishing the paper in the journal “Subtropical and ornamental horticulture”

    All files are saved in the archive with the extension .zip and sent through the official website of the journal "Subtropical and ornamental horticulture" in the section "Publish a paper".